In astronomy precession is

the change of direction of the axis of any planet. The Earth needs 26000 years for a full circulation of its astronomical body. This space of time is the so called precessional cycle. In the web universe precessionmedia means the whole circulation of your desires. We are here for you with our competence and are happy to fulfill your ideas in a cosmic way.


Precessionmedia was founded way back in 2009.


Web-& Software-Development

  • CMS
  • Mobile websites
  • Electronic publishing & consultung
  • Web animations
  • Offers conceptual design, realisation, preparations and maintenance of websites, portals, online shops, multimedia applications und enterprise software.

Web Design

  • Analysis
  • Project planning
  • Screendesign
  • Motion design
  • Make essential visible, distinctive und authentic - the identity of a company, the quintessence of a brand, the message of a product. This requires audacity, attitude, passion, experience and a pinch of intuition.

Corporate Design

  • Logo
  • Corporate identity
  • Brand consulting
  • No matter if small entrepreneur, big company, service or brand-name product – you get a clear strategy and a insight for customer requirements

Print Design

  • Illustrations
  • Concept and text
  • Business press
  • Imagefolder
  • Posters
  • Annunciation
  • Editorial design
  • Packaging