In astronomy precession is

the change of direction of the axis of any planet. The Earth needs 26000 years for a full circulation of its astronomical body. This space of time is the so called precessional cycle. In the web universe precessionmedia means the whole circulation of your desires. We are here for you with our competence and are happy to fulfill your ideas in a cosmic way.



Based in the southern Bulgarian city of Petrich, bonana has been a very successful furniture manufacturer for the probably biggest furnture retailers in the world - IKEA - for almost two decades now.

What we did: Web design, 960gs, drupal, jquery

DB Broker

DB Broker is among the top 5 insurance brokers in Bulgaria. The company is situated in the capital Sofia, but has branches in he biggest cities of the country.Their hompage is an effort of getting their broad range of current and potential customers to get to know the latest products be up to date with news in this very sensitive market.

What we did: responsive web design, 960gs, drupal, jquery, corporate design


glas is the bulgarian word for "voice" - the sound produced in a person's larynx and uttered through the mouth, as speech or song. Glasfactor has also been involved in many projects, not only as song
writer or performer, but also as producer. Status (in progress).

What we did: jquery, cms, some other cool stuff


Fincom is a Austrian based company offering services in many different areas that range from IT conslting to financial support to your enterprise. Therefore we implemented a very precise approach on their complex specifications.

What we did: Drupal, 960gs, Drupal theme, jquery, html + css

Borislava Tsankova is the homepage of a young a very talented painter, Borislava Tsankova. It was a complete relaunch of the old cms, showing her impressive productivity and letting her fans be up-to-date with her
latest news and announcements.

What we did: Drupal, 960gs, theming, jquery